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Exposição de Fotografia - Algis Griskevicius - Patente até ao dia 15 de Outubro de 2006


1980–1985 studied at the Vilnius Institute of Fine Arts. He has participated in exhibitions since 1986. The artist has arranged 30 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad during this period. Besides painting he has worked in the fields of poster art, book illustration, set design, sculpture and photography. His works have been acquired by Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania M.K. Èiurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania Ethnographic Museum of Alytus, Lithuania Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania Tretyakov Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia Museum of Fine Arts, Yekaterinburg, Russia The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum (Dodge collection), New Jersey, USA art collectors in various countries.

Crítica sobre o seu trabalho:
Algis Griskevicius is best known as a painter who occasionally also creates sculptures. However, photography has always been present in his paintings too. Not just because photos look faithful to reality (although the imitative nature of his paintings is only a disguise), not just because they often give an impression of accidental snapshots, but mainly because the artist likes using photography as a way of sketching as well as of memorising impressions, which he has been doing since 1980. What is painted has been photographed in the first place. But photography is handy not only as a tool to enhance memory. It has become instrumental in the artist’s relationship with reality. The content of his photographs is not social. You will not learn anything about the hard lives of the poor, or find an answer to the riddle of the meaning of life. It is not erotic, although the pictures teem with naked bodies, or political. Neither is it documentary (what is pictured is not reality) or intended to impress. In fact, these photographs are just short ironic stories. As a photographer, Griskevicius is a director. With the exception of a few 'domestic' observations, everything is a performance... Agne Narusyte 'Life is Theatre' (Lithuania in the World, 2004, No.1)

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